Business Reply Mail

All University of Wisconsin-Madison departments are eligible to use Permit #33 for business reply mail. There are barcoded envelope templates available that must be customized to include your Return Address and Funding Account in the upper left corner.

Reply mail is sent to UW Mail Services at 432 N. Lake St, Rm 116 and processed there, then forwarded to whatever inter-departmental return address is printed on the reply envelopes. As each returned piece is processed, 86.8 cents will be charged to the funding account on the outside of the business reply envelope, so you’re only charged for pieces that are returned.

The pricing is as follows for business reply letters:

  • 47 cents USPS First Class postage (1 oz. letter rate)
  • 9.8 cents USPS per piece handling surcharge
  • 30 cents Extension Mail Services surcharge (covers permit fees & handling)

= 86.8 cents per piece returned

If you would like to do a business reply mailing, please contact Mail Services at 262-3881 for further instructions.